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The case for Clean, Green, Solar Energy has never been stronger, nor has it been more affordable to install and create your own energy. Working with select installers our independence means we can find the best and most cost-effective solution for your requirements whether it is for a Domestic or Commercial fitting. We listen, we advise, we find you the exact solution for your circumstances.

Domestic Solar

When considering a solar installation for your home there are several factors to consider.

Do you want the installation to simply supply electricity directly to the home circuit to supplement the grid supply during daylight hours, or do you want to include a battery to store produced electricity and maximise the use of that created electricity?

If you want battery storage do you want that just to utilise the produced electricity or do you want to consider a higher capacity battery to also store cheaper night-time electricity for use around the clock and perhaps in conjunction with an electric car?

Solar Tiles

Bespoke designed projects, Solar Roof Tiles can be produced and created to the exact shape and dimensions of your roof for a perfect fit as an alternative and replacement to tradition roofing materials.

Perfect for New Build, Re-Roofing or Refurbishment projects and on High-End properties. The tiles, being a direct replacement for traditional roof materials, allows the cost to be offset against the prospect of roofing or re-roofing and then retro-fitting panels on a new roof and brings the proposition more into line with standard installation costs when that is factored in.

There are multiple options for styles and colour matching to blend in with the local style including several slate styles and even a terracotta option. There will be a match for your needs!

Bespoke Solar Car Ports

A solar carport is a structure that provides shelter for vehicles, whilst generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. This electricity can then either be used on-site and (or) used to charge a fleet of electric vehicles. Solar carports are designed to cover many styles of car parking spaces.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar PV (Photovoltaic ) panels work by allowing photons (particles of light) to be able to grab electrons free from atoms and therefore generating a flow of electricity.

The panels are made up by multiples of individual photovoltaic cells of silicon wafers to do so. If the cells are made from wafers of solid silicon crystal they are classed Monocrystalline and are more efficient per cell than those made of compressed and bonded shards of silicon classed Polycrystalline. Visually the Mono panels appear black whereas the Poly panels reflect blue due to light refraction.

The electrical current created is Direct Current, a device called an Inverter is used to convert to Alternate Current for supply to the property circuit.

Would you prefer a ground-mounted system if you have the land space? Perhaps you have a Grade 2 listed property where roof mounting is not possible or preferable.

Flat roof? Outbuilding or Garage? Larger than standard system size?

And then to the style of fitting, do you want to have the system mounted upon the roof structure or would you like to have the panels actually built into the roof structure by recessing them as an alternative to the roof tiles? Maybe Solar Tiles for your project?

Lots to consider, lots to discuss and lots of permutations. That is why we ask for details and a discussion, so we understand your needs to advise you on the best options for you.

Commercial Solar

There are many advantages to installing solar panel systems on Commercial premises. The increased electrical consumption of a working building can be offset by maximising the larger roof space that is normally available. 

Most Commercial premises will have a 3-phase electrical supply but even with single-phase a larger system can be installed with battery storage to regulate the supply into the circuitry.

Upscaled Ground mount systems and larger “Farms” are also available, these systems have far more considerations to deal with, contact us for details of what is involved

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